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SICOPOINT, a simple system to integrate into production lines and process controls. The marking mode is the projection of a colored point. This system is practical and safe.
The installation It requires very little effort and investment, given its simplicity and almost zero maintenance, so its amortization is very fast.
He color cartridge it is easily replaceable during the production process. The standard range of colors is expandable to the needs of each client.

The size of the color marking with the SICOPOINT 9000 labeling depends on the following factors:

Distance to object

The recommended distance to the object to be marked is approximately 15-20mm. This distance guarantees optimal results.
If the distance exceeds 25mm, the intensity of the color decreases, especially if the color cartridge is almost empty.

Mounting position

The best results are obtained when the SICOPOINT 9000 marking tool is in the horizontal position. If it is impossible to avoid a certain inclination, the angle should not be greater than 45º with the nozzle pointing downwards.

Avoid vertical mounting of the cartridge with a downward sloping nozzle. There is a risk that too much color will accumulate on the cartridge felt, which, after a long waiting time, the first labeling would be oversized.

In any case, avoid vertical mounting of the cartridge with the nozzle tilted upwards. Correct operation of the cartridge in this position cannot be guaranteed.

If there is no other option than vertical with the nozzle inclined upwards or downwards, we recommend mounting the cartridge in a horizontal position using limited extensions (length 200 mm.)

Using extensions reduces the number of labels per cartridge.

Label pulse length

The length of the air pulse for the marking essentially determines the diameter of the color dot as well as the number of possible markings per cartridge.

Our experiences with different manufacturers of screwdriving systems have shown that in some cases considerable oscillations occur with the pulse lengths and therefore in the marking results.

The amount of programming, that is, the setting in the existing controls for a signal length to be used for the SICOPOINT 9000 labeling system is often very high.

In order to reduce the costs for setting the SICOPOINT 9000 labeling system to a minimum, we remember to use our timer element VARIO PULSE.

The timer has a linearity of +/- 1%

The timer control can be carried out either by a voltage signal of 24V / AC or by a potential-free signal. To control the timer with a potential-free signal, there must be a constant voltage supply of 220V / AC to the timer. The cartridge in horizontal position using limited extensions (length 200 mm.)

The advantage of the external VARIO PULSE timer lies in the simple adjustment and therefore in the adjustment of the size of the color point.

Maintenance personnel will have no problem with the simple help of a potentiometer directly on the timer.

The advantages of the VARIO PULSE timer lie in its easy handling and high flexibility, as well as avoiding high costs for programming the controls.

Valve used

We recommend the specially developed valve box for SICOPOINT 9000. This guarantees the highest possible effectiveness.

In case of using another valve, it must be ensured that it is a rapid ventilation valve with a flow rate of 850I / mn at 6bar of operating pressure.

If a quick breather valve is not used there is a risk of "extra labeling" ie the spot sizes cause strong oscillations.

The SICOPOINT 9000 valve box can be optionally obtained with the timer described in point 3.

Valve hose length

The length of the tube should be as short as possible, in any case not more than 2 m. If too long a duct is used, air can accumulate in the hose at the risk of additional labeling.

The impulse time will be adapted to the length of the hose.

Air pressure

The optimum operating pressure for the SICOPOINT 9000 color labeling is 5-7 bar.

If the pressure is too low, the desired intensity of color is not obtained. If the pressure is otherwise too high, the number of labels per cartridge is reduced.

Nozzle used ed, extension

The original nozzles (standardized and extension nozzles), should not be modified in any case, this would reduce / eliminate the operation of the color labeling system.

When using extensions the effectiveness is related to the length.

The more extensions, the greater the efficiency.

Color used

SICOPOINT 9000 colors are colors specially developed for the system. Special colors on request.
The standard color gamut is:

  • Yellow
  • blue
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange